Chess Dreams

Play Spacial Games against AI

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For visionOS

Experience Chess like never before

Immerse yourself in epic Spacial Chess Games on Apple Vision Pro !

Admire chess pieces around you

Walk in the middle of giant Chess pieces and see it moving around you.
Play chess in a new way, choose the size of the 3D chess board: from a realistic size to bigger than your living room!
Spacial immersion pushes your experience forward...

Play against AI of your skill

Anybody, from beginner to class A player, can take on worthy challenge.

The unique Artificial Intelligence embed in Chess Dreams lets you choose the ELO level.

Will you be able to protect your king ?

Custom immersive 3D modes

Pick the piece size you prefer, choose how you move the Chess pieces, …

You can also play in a classic 2D window.


Let me know what you think!

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2024 • Romain Pellen